You can’t always judge a book by its cover, and you can’t always judge a lady by her outward demeanor. Take Cory Chase. She might appear to be just another classy MILF, who could slip into an evening dress and sit across from you while sipping Cabernet Sauvignon and playing footsies with your boner under the table, but get this girl home for dessert and you’ll unleash a super beast of kinky fetish delights. Cory Chase is a pure Femdom goddess, a queen bee of an entire swarm of chicks who will do your bidding by making you do theirs. She’ll whip you into shape in no time, turning even the toughest bosses into quivering sissy boys just begging for more discipline. You’ll be worshiping every part of her body and thanking her for every lick and sniff she gives you, whether it’s her awesome feet or her amazing ass and tight butthole. She’ll sit on your face and smother you until you blow a load without her even touching your wang. Cory rocks a super hot pair of perfectly designed C cup tits that compliment her rock-hard figure to a T. When she’s not acting as the mistress, she can be the caring MILF and hold you between those tits, which is more healing than any therapy. Afterwards, she can take an ass pounding from the best of them, or strap one on and give it right back.

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